Princeton Lectures on The Dynamics of Disorder

princetonposter Over the next 2 weeks I will be lecturing at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science on non-equilibrium statistical dynamics.

The Fluctuations of Dissipation

1:00-2:00 Tuesday, April 7th, A06 Jadwin Hall Foundations of non-equilibrium statistical dynamics. I’ll explain the basics of fluctuations theorems and the Jarzynski’s identity.

The Ambiguity of Time’s Arrow (Public Lecture)

8:00pm, A10 Jadwin Hall

The Geometry of Thermodynamics

1:00-2:00 Tuesday, April 14th, A06 Jadwin Hall

Entropy, information and Maxwell’s Demon

1:00-2:00 Thursday, April 16th 17th, A06 Jadwin Hall Maxwell’s demon, Szilard’s engine, Landauer’s principle, and the feedback fluctuation theorems.