WebLogo 3.4 Released

WebLogo 3.4 web-server

WebLogo 3.4 code

3.4 (2014-06-03) [Gavin Crooks, Eric Talevich]

* Python 3
Weblogo now runs under python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4 (Python2.5 is no longer
supported.) Note that the api for creating a logo has changed. See docs.
(Kudos: Eric Talevic)
* Fix bug with using Ghostscipt 9.10 (Issue 36)
(Kudos: Michael Imbeault, Estienne Swart, FiReaNG3L)
* Fix various bugs in transfac parsing.
(Kudos: Promita Bose, Christopher Lamantia)
* Fix –complement of gapped sequences, added –revcomp option
(Kudos: Jacob Engelbrecht))
* Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and refactoring.
(Kudos: Kamil Slowikowski, Jacob Engelbrecht)