Berkeley Lectures on the Dynamics of Disorder

Starting this Thursday, I will be giving 3 guest introductory lectures on the non-equilibrium statistical dynamics of small systems, as part of Phill Geissler’s Advanced Statistical Mechanics course.

Lecture notes and other resources

Tentative syllabi:

== The fluctuations of dissipation ==
2:00-3:30 Thursday, March 12th, 425 Latimer
Equilibrium and disequilibrium; fluctuations theorems and the Jarzynski’s identity; experiments and observations.

== Entropy and information ==
2:00-3:30 Tuesday, March 17th, 425 Latimer
Maxwell’s demon, Szilard’s engine, Landauer’s principle, and the feedback fluctuation theorems.

== Perturbation and response ==
2:00-3:30 Thursday, March 19th, 425 Latimer
Perturbations and response; fluctuations and dissipation; from fluctuation theorems to linear response; the geometry of thermodynamics.