Announcement: Enrollment open for Kavli Scientist-Writer workshops

Enrollment is now open for the second year of the Kavli Scientist-Writer workshops @ NYU. I had the honor of attending the inaugural class, and it was great. As my fellow alumni puts it:

“The best course I’ve had since college… Scientists sorely need instruction of this kind, whether they try to write for the public or only for their peers. Every department at every institution should have this kind of course, and the organizers of this first pass did a fantastic job.”

– Jacqueline Gotteib, Kavli Institute of Brain Science, Columbia University

Our job, as scientists, is to explore strange new ideas, to seek out new knowledge and new understanding, to boldly experiment where no scientist has tinkered before. But none of that counts, if we don’t come back and tell people what we have discovered. And it dosn’t count as telling people if we write turgid incomprehensible prose that nobody will read or understand.