Princeton Lectures on the Dynamics of Disorder (2015)

The Fluctuations of Dissipation

Jarzynski2 1:00-2:00 Tuesday, April 7th, A06 Jadwin Hall

notes Lectures notes on the Dynamics of Disorder
Gavin E. Crooks (2015) (beta)
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phdExcursions in statistical dynamics
Gavin E. Crooks, Ph.D. thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1999
[The first few chapters provide a basic introduction to non-equilibrium statistical dynamics (as understood circa 1999). Some people find this useful. Beware of the errata.]
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The Ambiguity of Time’s Arrow

princtonposter 8:00pm, A10 Jadwin Hall

posterPoster: The Ambiguity of Time’s Arrow
slidesSlides : The Ambiguity of Time’s Arrow
notesWhither time’s arrow
Gavin E. Crooks (2008)
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paper The length of time’s arrow,
E. H. Feng, G.E. Crooks, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 090602 (2008)
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The Geometry of Thermodynamics

hyperbolic 1:00-2:00 Tuesday, April 14th, A06 Jadwin Hall

paper Thermodynamic metrics and optimal paths,
David A. Sivak, Gavin E. Crooks, Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 190602 (2012)
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Entropy, Information and Maxwell’s Demon

max1:00-2:00 Thursday, April 16th, A06 Jadwin Hall

ftbib On the Fluctuations of Dissipation: An Annotated Bibliography
Gavin E. Crooks (2015) [Hopelessly incomplete. But you can find the papers I cite in here.]
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